“Available For Abundance”
A one hour (ish!) workshop to transform your relationship with abundance
Don’t want too much, ask for too much, say too much, eat too much, have too much sex, too much fun, too much rest, too much support, don’t wear too much make up, don’t know too much, or think too much, don’t earn too much, don’t sponge too much, don’t take too much, don’t laugh too much, or frown too much, don’t BE too much.

Over, and over, and over we are told, settle for less! Be grateful for what you’ve got! Other people are so much worse off than you!

Hmmm. Perhaps.

But babes. You cannot get poor enough, knackered enough, depleted enough to save the world.
This workshop is both a plea, and a permission slip. Nourish yourself. Allow yourself to receive. Even though it goes against all of our conditioning as women.
“Who does she think she is with her feet up? With her prices up? Turning her nose up?”
Wanting more and better does not make us ungrateful for what we have. It makes us grateful for all the possibilities.
Allow me to make my case- a generation of well rested, nurtured, joy infused, satisfied, connected women will change the world. Therefore, if you care about other people, it’s your moral duty to get abundant AF.
And I’m gonna teach you to make yourself available for it.
I’m taking you through a process that you can apply to money, your environment, time, energy, sex, other pleasure, love and support.

You'll Receive:

  • ​A 7 step process for you to work through in your journal, interrogating your relationship with abundance in a particular area of your life
  • Over 40 suggestions for infusing your life with abundance for you to pick and choose from
  • Clarity about what stops us. Get ready to get acquainted with the empathy trap, and the way in which it maintains the status quo- more for billionaires, less for us

The video workshop and accompanying transcript/ worksheet is yours for £39

Meet Keri...

Keri is The Audacity Coach. She's leading a reclamation of "Who Does She Think She Is?!", inspiring and supporting women to locate, and activate their personal autonomy, and access the benefits of their alliance with one another.

She's the Founder of Do It Like A Mother, a business she sold in early 2020, and an experienced coach.
Since 2018, more than 100 women have completed her Thrive Like A Mother programme.
She's a Speaker, Retreat Host, & Book Addict. Vegan but not preachy about it. Socialist. Feminist. Mother. Swearer. Think those are the key details nailed tbh. 

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